Thursday, September 9, 2010


As part of MSFW i was asked to style a show for Target, aptly titled Beauty & the Beach i had the mammoth task of trawling a few of Target's stores to put together what i thought would best represent Target and want were the key trends coming into Spring / Summer in store.

The end result was a a combination of lots of colours, patterns and stripes... it helps when you have a great selection of male and female models to pull off the looks- hand picked my moi of

In the end i broke down the show into sections, the first being California Dreaming, then some Yoga outfits leading into Target's big push with a new men's brand called Travisty. I noticed lots of maxi dresses and bohoish outfits so i created a section called Boho Chic, which then lead into an array of floral dress perfect for Spring Racing time.... then it was time again to see some casual men's outfits and finally i ended the show with all things Nautical and some flesh on the boys for good measure.

Check it out for yourself.... here are some pix and a video of the parade.

Tomorrow we'll be uploading the It's a Man's world pix and video

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