Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love shooting boys (if you haven't already gathered) but in August i was asked to shoot the cover of AXN (Sydney gay street press magazine). It was a pretty easy brief...
Hot boy - tick
Rooftop swimming Pool - tick
Swimwear - tick
what more can you ask for... well the weather was pretty amazing.... so i do thank Mother nature at least.
Here is the end result!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I love being in Melbourne, even more so when its Fashion Festival time. This year i was asked to style a show for FOX FM. Working with a whole heap of Australia fashion labels including Metalicus, Clemente Talarico, SATCH, SABA, Flamingo Sands and Amar.
The Challenge this season was to mix in Real models and FOX FM radio personalities, after a little "fanny moment" i regrouped and pulled a killer show together.
The sassy Jessica Malbouy opened the show with 3 killer tracks, then it was time for the Flamingo Sands to open the show. Newcomer Cassie Davies then performed mid show with the ever so hot and super sweet Luke Cook opening the second part of the show for Clemente Talarico in some short shorts and uber cool shades.
Check out the pics, you be the judge....

Thursday, October 29, 2009


An old school friend of mine William Centurion had been dancing and traveling the world for over 8 years until later late year when he came back home on a holiday but then decided to move back to good ole Sydney for good and start a new Tango phenomenon. Why not mix traditional Argentine tango with a modern fashion edge.... the end result is a hot sexy dance routine with two of the hottest male dancers (William Centurion and Manuel Albarracin)and a ballerina turned tango diva (Mariana Baltodano)... the show aptly titled Three 2 Tango is hot hot hot.. you need to see it to believe it. They will be performing at Slide Bar (Sydney) on the 4th and 11th of November...
For more info check out
As a good friend i shot their poster and the showcase a month ago, pretty easy when the models are so hot!!
Check out the pics...

Monday, October 26, 2009


You gotta love Bonds.... i think almost everyone should or does own a piece of Bonds underwear or t shirt. Most boys would have had their mothers buy them 7 pack undies for xmas or Birthdays for years im sure... i know i have... thankfully 7 pack undies are no more for Moi... nothing wrong with them just not my thing unless im traveling and don't wanna wash my undies (there's a tip for you)
Anyways the lovely girls at Arc Factory asked me to come on set for the latest Bonds Tee campaign.... 4 real models being themselves and seeing how Bonds is part of their lives. Check out the Bonds website for videos and the latest Bonds tee collection


I was invited to shoot backstage this season at the MYER fashion show. Not only was i one of only 3 photographers granted backstage access!! This season they had some amazing models for the show. The ever so lovely and gorgeous Jennifer Hawkins led the pack for the ladies, and Kris Smith (Dannii's latest squeeze) led the boy brigade, we also had some international Aussie girls including Alexandra Agoston, Tallulah and Australia's next top model winner Tahnee Atkinson and Alice Burdeu mixing it up.
There were some amazing frocks on show, hot bods everywhere and a kick ass sound track to the show.
It was held at the Carriage works in Redfern which has to be one of the best venues for fashion show, followed by a boozy after party, tryign to get a cab is always an issue though, especially after a few too many cocktails....whoops.....
Lets hope they invite me back next season eh...


Behind the Scenes of Wild at Heart

SUPRÉ | MySpace Video

So i have been pretty slack the last few months with this blog...however it's now time to let everyone know what i have been working on. So many exciting projects i just don't know where to begin...well actually we'll start right here with the Supre October campaign.
We were lucky enough to shoot on location in Rose Bay in the beautiful gardens surrounding the library and council chambers. Two beautiful models, some great bright coloured outfits and butterflies.... check out the video with yours truly making a guest appearance.


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