Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So i was asked to talk in front of a live audience last week about personal style. I wasn't quite sure what i was meant to do, but after a brief chat with the project manager Nicole i had a few ideas floating around my head that i could work with. The twist was i had to use Spotlight products to create 3 looks that were on trend with what was happening in the wonderful world of fashion.
I had been keeping tabs on what was happening on the international catwalk and had thought that embellishments on jeans, jackets and tights was quite big, Sass & Bide had done a great pair of jeans with studs and then i thought a bib necklace could be quiet a good thing to create.
So between calling in shoes, pre styling the Metalicus show and getting ready for my Cosmo show the girls and i popped into Spotlight to see what they had on offer.
To be honest with you i had only popped into Spotlight in the past for fabrics and hadn't realized how much stuff they actually stocked. An hour later and a list that went on for days we had selected all the good i thought we would need to create these desired fashion trend looks. Next stop was Jeans West to pick up some jeans and jackets to customise for the show.
The had some great pieces in this season and we walked away with a great velvet jackets, a awesome leather cropped biker jacket, a few pairs of jeans, some basic tights and some over sized tops.
Fast forward to Monday and we only had 2 days before the event, Metalicus was on the following day and then Cosmo was on Thursday so we didn't really didn't have much time.
We got started and before you knew it we had the necklaces done, the jackets finished and the jeans ready....
Here's a selection on pix from the event that my lovely assistant Downie took.
Hopefully they'll invite us back next year....


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