Sunday, March 14, 2010


The last five days have consisted of preparations for the two shows Fernando is styling; Metalicus and Runway 5 Cosmopolitan show, at the LMFF.

Tuesday: Pulling together the Metalicus Show
Wednesday: Finalising Metalicus
Thursday: Metalicus fittings
Friday: Pulling the Cosmo show together
Saturday : Cosmo fittingss

While the models always look glamorous on the catwalk, it’s not always the same backstage. There’s been yelling, laughing, phone calls, eating, matching, tapping, numbering, stressing, helping, fitting, ordering, deciding and styling.

Models, running order, accessories, music, hair and make-up, lighting...there is so much for a stylist to do.

Fernando is very organised, but it just happens that some shoe companies are not. Quote “let’s punch them together”. Orders have gone wrong and whole boxes of shoes gone missing, venues changed at the last minute due to flooding and clothes not ready for fittings. Designers are fussy; Fernando gives them options and then they choose something completely different…but the show must go on!

When an audience member sits back and enjoys one of the shows next week some of them will have no idea about the little hiccups accounted along the way and the amount of work that took place to insure it came together.

The best stuff behind the scenes this week, has been the male models walking around in their underwear!

Stay tuned to hear about how the shows go and see all the exclusive photos!

As seen and written by Lydia Sawtell (My second assistant during the festival)

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