Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Im finally back to blogging this year, it's be a little busy this month and it's only going to get busier with L'Oreal Fashion Festival in Melbourne starting next month.

This year i am busier then ever styling two shows, talking at a seminar and also shooting backstage at all the Runways shows for the season.

I was asked back again this season and am styling a stand alone show for Metalicus and also L'Oreal Runway 5 for Cosmopolitan magazine with designers Bettina Liano, Extinct, Hussy, Joveeba, Nicolangela, Nina Maya, This is Genvieve, Wayne Copper and White Suede partaking....

Im in the midst of pulling the shows together doing everything from sourcing shoes, to accessories to trying to figure lighting and music etc...

Watch this space for more updates over the next few weeks....

Metalicus show is on the Tuesday the 16th of March at 11am at the Malvern Town hall
L'Oreal Runway 5 for Cosmopolitan will be on March the 18th at 6.30pm at the Peninsula

For more info and ticket sales check out

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