Friday, June 3, 2011


THE SYDNEY SIRENS from Sabin and Chapple Productions on Vimeo.

Make your next event a special one!

How many Sirens would you like to perform? As we have a cast of 6 you can choose depending on your budget how many to perform at your event.

The Sirens will take you on a journey like no other show you have seen with its unique class,style and stunning choreography. The sensuality of the Sydney Sirens is thoroughly disarming.

The lead vocalist of the Sydney Sirens, svelte blonde Natalie Conway has the voice an Angel.
She has a unique style and sense of musicality this combined her sultry tone and magnetic stage presence makes for a highly potent combination. Natalie is regarded as one of the most intriguing and versatile vocalists to hit the music scene in a long time. A perfectionist she brings her professionalism and allure to the stage in the Sydney Sirens.

Photography By Fernando Barraza

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