Saturday, January 29, 2011


Backstage FiX's roaming reporter Hareth Tayem was in Berlin last week for Fashion Week.... Here are his thoughts and some pix and video from the event....

Berlin didn't strike me as a fashion capital. I imagined a city who's fashion sense simply gave army disposal stores a market to sell camouflage pants and destroyed military jackets and boots. With a list of things to see and do in my back pocket, just in case the shows sucked, i went down to the site where Berlin Fashion Week AW2011 was being made the fashion spot to be at.

To my surprise, the site was in uniform to the many fashion weeks i have been to around the world. IMG had done a great job to keep the initial impression that this was serious and just as important as any other fashion week.

Upon entry , i easily and proudly obtained my press pass for Backstage FiX... i hated the photo they took of me instantly as they printed out my pass... i overheard people complaining that they should have let the person "approve" the picture before it got printed on the pass you were forced to present everyday. Regardless of what you wore or how good you looked, as the modeling industry dictates, your only as good as your worst picture.

To be completely and arrogantly honest, i blended right in. I got snapped and blogged about daily. I guess i was fresh meat. and didn't wear military attire. Germany's who's who was there.. i didn't know any of them. and every time photographers made a fuss over who was sitting in the front row, it was usually a 'Germany's next top model' participant. Looks like every country around the world has made instant celebrities from bucket loads of models who take part in these shows. Hire a crowd just got replaced.

Tim Ruger was the male model that stood out. As you can see by my interview with him, he looked and played the part of an international, so i was surprised to find out he was originally from Berlin.

Germany's designers who showcased at Fashion Week blended into each other.. except KILLIAN KERNER.

Killian Kerner's advantage was that he did womenswear and menswear and made his show a nice balance of practical and show pieces. Backstage at Killian Kerner was just as stunning as the show itself. Here was one designer who was ready to leave Ze Germans and represent his people proudly.

The German's kept me entertained all week long. I even got to meet 'Ugly but Cool' actress Chloe Sevigny at Killian Kerners aftershow party. Many times i forgot where i was.

This city is making a great effort in an attempt to catch up on the fashion circuit. I eagerly look forward to Berlin's Spring Summer shows in July. I do have one confession though.. i did buy some military boots.

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