Friday, August 13, 2010

Backstage Fix: Nicki Minaj VMA Promo

Here at Backstage Fix we always like to keep you updated, across the board from film, fashion and music and all of its genres. Therefore, on the off chance you don't know know who Nicki Minaj, we thought it necessary for a quick introduction: a part from the hottest bitch in the biz at the moment, Ms Minaj is changing the face and flavour of rap and RnB with every release and guest appearance (think Lil'Kim but with a message and more creative word play in her word play). Her style is constantly changing from hahajuku barbie, Big Mama from the Bronx to Nasty Nicki in latex. 

She is up for several awards at the VMAs this year understandably, below Backstage Fix is hitting you up with an amazing selection of images from behind the scenes:

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